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The Day After Independence Day

jak wkleić cracka On this, the day after Independence Day, reveals the true state of the country’s current reality. America has celebrated one of its few high and holy days, yet there remains the obvious irony that continues to accompany Independence Day. While many privileged citizens celebrate another year of freedom, countless others are yet wrestling with the […]

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Electoral College Governing Rules Explained

football manager 2012 crack The day after Donald Trump won the election to become the President of the United States there was an outcry heard across the country that the Electoral College should no longer exist. On Nov. 9, 2016, protests erupted and demand for recounts began. Trump won the Electoral College votes by a slight margin, 290 of 538; […]

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What if FDR Had Lived?

zoo tycoon crack download free This article is the continuation of my series If They Had Lived. To date, the articles in this series have explored what our world and/or nation might be like if Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK), John F. Kennedy (JFK), and Abraham Lincoln had survived. In this article, we will consider what would our country might be like if Franklin Delano […]