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Left Wing Media Attacks Nationalism and Trump Proves Their Hatred for America

dr schar snack crackers The media and the left-wing launched a coordinated attack, President Trump, after he told a crowd at an October 22, 2018, campaign rally in Houston, Texas, that he was not a globalist, but that he was a nationalist. Their attack on President is the latest attack on America and the Constitution. To chants of “USA, […]

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Hayek Shows How the Rhetoric of Freedom Fanned the Flames of Extreme Conservatism

collins dictionary thesaurus keygen As recently as September, Trump’s popularity on the American Right perplexed our nation and was considered “inexplicable” by bastions of conservative values. The Dallas Morning News, in refusing to offer him an endorsement, noted that “Trump is—or has been—at odds with nearly every GOP ideal this newspaper holds dear.” Even today there’s widespread confusion on […]

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Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump Similarities Will Lead to What Outcome? [Update]

alarm clock for windows 7 free download 64 bit Donald Trump has ideas that are akin to those held by Adolf Hitler. The question Americans have is “What outcome will these similarities have in the United States, under his leadership?” Hitler believed Germany should be a world leader and this could happen, if only Aryans and Germans were allowed to live in the country. Under […]