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Autoimmune Disease Joins the Conversation During Men’s Health Month

cracklock prezi windows 8 Autoimmune disease (AD), a condition in which one’s immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s own healthy cells, is currently reported to affect 50 million Americans today. So why is AD virtually absent from the discussion during Men’s Health Month? Autoimmune disease is disproportionately prevalent among women – which account for more than 75 percent of […]

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Pepsi Pledges to Cut Sugar: Replacing One Addictive Substance With Another

audio cleaning lab 2013 keygen Far too often, artificial sweeteners replace one addictive substance with another. Recently, The Pepsi Corporation announced that it is pledging to cut sugar from its products, raising the percentage of its single-serving beverages with 100 or fewer calories to 66 percent by 2025. Currently, that percentage is less than 40. How are they planning to […]

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No Talking to Teens About Their Weight

tai idm crack cua dien dan bac lieu Parents dealing with a teen who is considerably overweight or underweight often cajole, plead and frankly harp on them to do something about their diet. But experts now say the best way to deal with waistline issues in teens is not talking about their weight at all. Guidelines for pediatricians now emphasize focusing on positive, […]