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Pastor Slammed for Booting Man in Drag…WWJD? [Video]

buzz tools plus v4 crack Pastor Antonio Rocquemore of Power House International Ministries in Chicago, Ill, is slammed for publicly rebuking and ultimately booting a male member who came to his church dressed as a woman. Although fellow members of the congregation cheered as the pastor called the “man” out, others from the LGBTQ-inclusion community are speaking out in droves […]

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The Bert and Ernie Controversy

proshow producer 5.0 full serial keygen Emmy Award-winning “Sesame Street” is now in the middle of a Bert and Ernie controversy. A former writer for the series, Mark Saltzman, recently announced that two of the show’s iconic characters, Bert and Ernie, were written as a gay couple. The relationship reflected his own same-sex relationship, according to Saltzman, who began writing for […]

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Kim Burrell From Insult to Injury [Video]

fishing superstars in app billing cracked apk Most have heard the saying, “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you.” However, it does not take long before people realized this nursery rhyme was far from the truth. Even the toughest exteriors walk away with internal scars when words are used as weapons of mass destruction. It is […]