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School Causes Uproar After Removing Jesus From Christmas Concert

lego el señor de los anillos pc crack only Christmas season is here and with it another slate of holiday controversies.  Should people say, “Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas” and the usual “Xmas” controversial saga?  Although December 25 is not the actual day Christ was born, Christians will fight to the end to claim ownership of this date. Truth is, other holidays also occur […]

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Pastor Slammed for Booting Man in Drag…WWJD? [Video]

sony acid pro 7.0e keygen download Pastor Antonio Rocquemore of Power House International Ministries in Chicago, Ill, is slammed for publicly rebuking and ultimately booting a male member who came to his church dressed as a woman. Although fellow members of the congregation cheered as the pastor called the “man” out, others from the LGBTQ-inclusion community are speaking out in droves […]

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Cussing Pastor Launches ‘Bullsh*t From the Pulpit’ Tour

element 3d win crack Thaddeus Matthews is pastor of Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries in Memphis, Tenn. He has been appropriately nicknamed “the cussing pastor” because his messages are laced with expletives in hopes of getting his point across. Known for over 40 years as a controversial force in the Memphis area and wherever his broadcast can be […]