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ACA Funding Frozen by Trump Administration

vfriend full crack Since its inception, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been vilified by the GOP. On July 9, 2017, the Trump Administration announced a funding freeze for the risk adjustment program. This plan was designed to protect insurers from substantial losses. In 2017, the bill for this program totaled $10.4 billion. “The health plans pay into a […]

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Hero Pup Shows Everyone What Man’s Best Friend Means

passware kit basic 12.5 crack Early morning Friday, June 29, 2018, Paula Godwin, the owner of the two golden retrievers named Todd and Copper hiked down a pathed hill in Arizona. The walk was going well until they stumbled upon a camouflaged snake blending into the gray pavement. With the owner momentarily unaware of the danger the youngest pup took action […]

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Congressional Leaders Are Drafting an Immigration Bill

cracking wpa using kali linux Congressional leaders continue their attempt to write an immigration bill in Congress. However, President Donald Trump tweeted that their recent plan is not the best course of action for the U.S. The president tweeted that the GOP should not focus so much of their time and effort on the illegal immigration crisis until they win […]