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Bill and Hillary Clinton Make History at the DNC

how long is 1 centimeter in inches Tuesday, July 26, 2016, is the day that Democrats officially changed history when they voted to make Hillary Clinton the first woman presidential nominee. She rallied enough Democrats at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) to win the nomination. After the official head count was taken, Bill Clinton will be the first former president and spouse to make […]

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Hillary Clinton Will Have to Dumb It Down to Compete With Trump

ardamax keylogger 4.0 6 crack free download Hillary Clinton is expected to be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. While the media seems to have all but confirmed her as the Democratic nominee, her opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders, has promised to contest her nomination at the party’s convention this summer.  However, as of now, it looks as if Clinton will be battling for the […]

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Bernie Sanders Is the People’s Front-Runner

video of ford smoking crack Bernie Sanders is the people’s front-runner – a man with a heart who is on a mission. With the presidential candidacy in full swing, voters forget for whom they intended to vote and end up voting for who is more popular. Running for president should never be a popularity contest. It should always be about who […]