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White Male Entitlement in the Supreme Court Hearing Reveals Its Ugliness

crack phpstorm 5.0 The fact is America is dominated by white males and when their entitlement is challenged their ugliness is revealed. GOP men are panicked, they believe, #MeToo movement’s agenda, among other issues, is going to topple their superiority. Perhaps they have reason to be fearful but not for the reasons they believe. These men manufacture conspiracy theories […]

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The Bert and Ernie Controversy

game dot kich crack cho mobile Emmy Award-winning “Sesame Street” is now in the middle of a Bert and Ernie controversy. A former writer for the series, Mark Saltzman, recently announced that two of the show’s iconic characters, Bert and Ernie, were written as a gay couple. The relationship reflected his own same-sex relationship, according to Saltzman, who began writing for […]

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This Is Why Nike Does Not Care If People Burn Their Shoes

liebert crac units hvac Not long after Colin Kaepernick was named the face of a Nike advertisement, shoes went up in flames. Regular everyday Americans started to burn their shoes and defile an icon which for years has stood for victory, freedom, and determination. Now, angry ex-supporters are destroying their own property in order to make an opposing statement. […]