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The Rising Cost of Education and Rise in Unemployment

crackdown 1 hidden orb locations A disease bedeviling the African continent is the steady rise of the unemployment rate. Most of the government policies and budgets are structured one way or the other in order to fight poverty, which is one of the results of unemployment. According to the City Press newspaper of Jan. 17, 2015, fees of private schools […]

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Boldly Inclusive: How the Statue of Liberty Can Illuminate Journalism

winzip courier 4.5 keygen Liberty is defined as the power to speak or act freely, and it is seen as an undeniable right in America. Being bold entails the opposite of being meek or fearful. Staking a claim in the world is a bold thing to do. Similarly, so is not being afraid to express yourself. The revolutionary act […]

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How to Make Sure 2017 Does Not Suck!

crack in my vulva Here we are with 2017 in full swing. I find it both ironic and funny that one of the most popular memes to hit social media this season was the #newyearnewme hashtag. It seems that everyone is intent on having a better year than their last, but somewhere along the way, they get derailed. Besides, […]

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