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“The News School” Reminiscent of Cronkite; Just Saying

last stand arnhem crack I’m Just Saying – I remember when James Brown came out with Talking Loud and Saying Nothing in October of 1970, and everybody was dancing to the moves and grooves of the Godfather of Soul! Now it is 2016, and a lot of people vying for political office are Talking Loud and (Just Saying)…… Speaking […]

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I’m Just Saying I Am Aware

vintage aircraft 3d screensaver keygen I’m Just Saying I Am Aware: As a 59-year-old Black Man who grew up in the Ida B. Wells projects in the City of Chicago in the 60s and the 70s, I am frustrated! There is such a lack of accountability, which we as Black people, accept responsibility for when it comes to our violence-filled […]

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Bill Cosby Charged With Sexual Assault? I’m Just Saying!

crack avast internet security 7 hasta el 2050 What is wrong with YOU PEOPLE!!! I am totally confused with the American Public and how easily the media and pundits craft the narrative of what the Breaking News story of the day is. After watching CNN, MSNBC, FOX and Chicago locals (WGN, ABC, NBC, and CBS} lead their afternoon and evening broadcasts with the […]

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