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Saving the English Language Is Not as Scary as It Sounds

why is my crack raw With great technology comes great advances, but there is always a cost that comes with progress. The rise of texting and communication via social media has generated a new language, invented by the young and highlighted by abbreviations and intentional misspellings to create expediency while disregarding grammar and punctuation for ease of typing. Although language is constantly evolving and […]

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Journalism at the Edge of the Blogosphere: Part 2

eye injury due to crackers   A debate over what makes a “true” journalist was sparked recently by the secret interview of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera conducted by actor Sean Penn and published in Rolling Stone in January of 2016. Those who believe Penn correct in describing himself as a journalist cite prior interviews he conducted with other world figures. Others […]

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Harvard Law School Seal Should Honor Slaves With Compromised Design

ex crack del bremen The Harvard Law School seal, which includes a family crest of three sheaves of wheat against a blue background, is facing extinction as the school’s official symbol due to its connections to the slave trade.  The crest is that of the Royalls, a slave-owning family of the 1700s. Land bequeathed to the school by Isaac Royall, Jr. […]